Orienta!Make your voice heard! Vote in our poll to determine the finest products ever to emerge from the Space Age Bachelor Pad Generation -- the finest artist, LP, tune, and reissue.

The results so far! (as of November 12, 1996)

  • Esquivel: 32%
  • Martin Denny: 18%
  • Les Baxter: 14%
  • Enoch Light: 3%
  • Perez Prado: 3%

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Finest SABPM Artist of All Time

Les Baxter
Harry Breuer
Martin Denny
Dean Elliott
Ferrante and Teicher
Enoch Light
Arthur Lyman
Perrey and Kingsley
Andre Popp
The Three Suns
Dick Schory

Finest SABPM vinyl LP ever recorded.

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Finest SABPM tune ever recorded.

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(if you know the LP) like so: Perrey, Hello Dolly, Moog Indigo.

Finest SABPM CD reissue -- series or single

Bar None's Esquivel Discs
Capitol's Ultra Lounge
DCC's Music from a Bachelor's Den (& Others)
DCC's Arthur Lyman reissues
BMG's RCA History of Space Age Pop
Re/Search's Incredibly Strange Music (two volumes, different labels)
Rhino's Cocktail Mix
Ryko's Shaken Not Stirred
Scamp's Martin Denny reissues
Varese Sarabande's Persuasive & Provocative Percussion

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