An Incomplete Catalog of Space Age Bachelor Pad Music

With Fairly Complete Discographies of Selected Artists.

Many thanks to Bro. Cleve for lots of info and to others whose names appear below.

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Special Discographies

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Kip Anderson And The Tides
Shango! Night In A Quiet Village, Kapp

Sid Bass
Sound and Fury, Vik LX-1084
With Bells On, 1959 RCA Camden CAL 501, and Living Stereo CAS-501

Les Baxter (additional research by Grant China and Jack Diamond)
Music Out Of The Moon, Capitol T390Les Baxter
The Ritual of the Savage, 1952 Capitol
Thinking Of You, Capitol T474
The Passions, 1955 Capitol
Kaleidoscope, Capitol T594
Tamboo!, Capitol T655 (1956)
Caribbean Moonlight, Capitol T733
Skins!, Capitol T774 (1957)
'Round The World, Capitol T780
Midnight On The Cliffs, Capitol T843
Ports Of Pleasure 19?? Capitol T868
Jungle Jazz, 1959 Capitol
Selections From "South Pacific", Capitol T1012 (1958)
Sacred Idol (soundtrack), Capitol T1293 and ST193 (1960)
Space Escapade, 1959 Capitol
The Primitive and The Passionate, 1962 Reprise R9-6048
The Soul Of The Drums, 1961 Reprise R9-6100
Baxter's Best, Capitol DT-1388
Jewels Of The Sea, Capitol T-1537
Que Mango with 101 Strings, Alshire S5204 (1970)

Harry Breuer and his Quintet
Mallet Magic, 1958 Audio Fidelity AFLP/AFSD-5825
Mallet Mischief, 195?, Audio Fidelity
Mallet Mischief Vol. 2, 1958, Audio Fidelity AFLP-1882

David Carroll
Percussion in Hi-Fi, Mercury MG 20166

Don Catelli and the All Stars
Passionate Percussion, Directional Sound DM 5009
(See the LP Cover!)

Don Costa
Echoing Voices and Trombones, United Artists WWS 8501

The Bob Crewe Generation
Music to Watch Girls By, Dynovoice Records

Lenny Dee
(Thanks toJeff Phillips , additional research by Emmett Pepper)
All these titles are on the Decca label

Golden Organ Favorites DL 74112
Happy Holi-Dee DL 74146
By Popular Dee-Mand DL 74429
Something Special DL 74498
Lenny Dee in Hollywood! DL 74315
Lenny Dee Down South DL 74365
Most Requested DL 74572
Sweethearts on Parade DL 74632
The Lenny Dee Tour DL 74654
Gentle on My Mind DL 74994
Mellow-Dee DL 78796
Lenny Dee Plays the Hits DL 78857
The Lenny Dee Show DL 78913
Songs Everybody Knows DL 78978
My Favorite Things DL 4706
Dee-Lightful DL 8114
Dee-Lirious! DL 8165
Dee-Licious DL 8275
Dee-Most DL 8308
Hi-Dee-Fi! DL 8406
Mr. Dee Goes to Town DL 8497
Dee-Latin DL 8718

Martin Denny
Additional Research by Ashley at Scamp Records
Exotica, 1957 Liberty LRP 3034 monaural (with Arthur Lyman)
Forbidden Island, Liberty LST 7001
Exotica - Volume II, Liberty LST 7006
Primativa, Liberty LST 7023
Exotica, Liberty LST 7034 (with Julius Wechter) rerecorded in stereo
Hypnotique, 1959 Liberty LST 7102
Afro-Desia, Liberty LST 7111
Exotica - Vol. III, Liberty LST 7116
Quiet Village, Liberty LST 7122
The Enchanted Sea, Liberty LST 7141
Exotic Sounds of the Silver Screen, Liberty LST 7158
Exotic Sounds Visit Broadway, Liberty LST 7163
Exotic Percussion, Liberty LST 7168
The Best Of Martin Denny, Liberty S6602
Romantica, Liberty LST 7207
Martin Denny In Person, Liberty LST 7224
A Taste of Honey, LST 7237
Another Taste Of Honey, Liberty LST 7277
The Versatile Martin Denny, LST 7307
A Taste Of Hits, Liberty LST 7328
Latin Village, LST 7378
Hawaii Tattoo, LST 7394
Spanish Village, Liberty LST 7409
20 Golden Hawaiian Hits, Liberty LST 7415
Martin Denny, Liberty LST 7430
Hawaii Goes a Go Go!, LST 7445
Exotica Today, LST 7465
Paradise Moods, Sunset SUS 5102
Sayonara, Sunset SUS 5169
Exotic Night, Sunset SUS 5199
Golden Greats, Liberty LST 7467
Hawaii, LST 7488
Enchanted Isle, Liberty LN 10195
Exotica Classica, Liberty LST 7513
A Taste of India, LST 7550
Exotic Moog, LST 7621
Exotic Love, LST Liberty 7621
From Maui With Love, Q/V MD-408 (private pressing of 5,000 copies sold during his engagement at the Wailea beach Hotel)
Exotica 90, TCP-6160 (Japanese only CD which reunited Martin Denny band members Arthur Lyman, Julius Wechter and Augie Colon)
Exotica Suite, with Si Zennter, Liberty LSS 14020

Robert Drasnin
Percussion Exotique,
Dean Elliott and Phil Kaye
Zounds! What Sounds!, 1963
Please see the Complete Esquivel Discography in the Esquivel Special.
Ferrante and Teicher with prepared piano. (Thanks to Brother Cleve and Jack Diamond.)
Blast Off!, ABC/Paramount ABCS-285
Hi-Fi Fireworks, Columbia CL-573
Soundproof, The Sound of Tomorrow...Today, Westminster WP6014/WLS-5011*
Soundblast, Westminster WLS-?/WP6021*
Heavenly Sounds in Hi-Fi, ABC-Paramount ABCC-221. (10 of the 12 were released on CD as Easy Listening Favorites, MCA Special Products MCAD-20733, c. 1993.)
Postcards from Paris, Westminster WP6001
Adventures in Carols, 1954 Westminster 6021
(also released as a 10" LP under the title Xmas Hi-Fivorites, 1954 Westminster WL3044
Ferrante & Teicher With Percusssion, ABCS-245
Dynamic Twin Pianos, United Artists WWS 8504
Keyboard Kapers, United Artists UAL-3284
(Occassional prepared tracks exist on many of their UA recordings)
* The monaural version of Soundblast contains the material of Soundproof stereo, and Soundblast stereo is the same as Soundproof mono. The reel-to-reel versions are completely different. Go figure.
Sid Fields Trio
Bagels and Bongoes, (Yiddish melodies with Latin rhythms) 195? Decca
More Bagels and Bongos, Decca
Champagne and Bongos, (French) Decca
Bikinis and Bongos, (Hawaiian), Decca
Pizzas and Bongos, (Italian) Decca
Russ Garcia
Fantastica LST-7500 (rereleased on Liberty minus 2 cuts as LN-10162)
Jackie Gleason and his Orchestra (additional research by Grant China)
How Sweet It Is (for lovers), Capitol SW 2582
Lover's Portfolio, Capitol SWBO 1619
Music For Lovers Only, Capitol SW 352
Music, Martinis And Memories, Capitol SW 509
The Last Dance - For Lovers Only, Capitol SW 2144
Silk 'N' Brass, Capitol SW 2409
Music Around The World - For Lovers Only, Capitol SW 2471
Music To Make You Misty, Capitol DW 455
Velvet Brass, 1957 Capitol 859
The Gentle Touch, Capitol SW-1519
Lazy, Lively, Love, Capitol SW-1439
Opiate D'Amour, Capitol SW-1315
Oooo!, Capitol W905
The Torch With The Blue Flame, Capitol W961
Music For The Love Hours, Capitol W816
Night Winds, Capitol W717
Music To Change Her Mind, Capitol W632
Music To Remember Her, Capitol W570
Romantic Jazz, Capitol W568
Tawny, Capitol T471
Riff Jazz, Capitol W-1020
Rebound, Capitol W-1075
Today's Romantic Hits For Lovers Only, Capitol SW-2056
Movie Themes For Lovers Only, Capitol SW 1877
Love Embers And Flame, Capitol SW-1689
The Now Sound...For Today's Lovers ("The Gleason Strings with Sitar and Other Exotic Instruments" (!) ) 19?? Capitol SW-2935.
Marty Gold and His Orchestra (Thanks to Mark Koldys)
Sticks and Bones RCA LSP-2070
Swingin' West RCA LSP-2163
Skin Tight RCA LSP-2230
It's Magic RCA LSA-2290
Stereo Action Goes Hollywood RCA LSA-2381
Music of Rodgers and Hart RCA LSP-2535
Soundpower! Music to the Limits of Audibility RCA LSP-2620
Sounds Unlimited 1963 RCA LSP-2714
Sounds Impossible 19?? RCA LSP-????
For Sound's Sake! RCA LSP-2787
Suddenly It's Springtime RCA LSP-2882
In a Young Mood RCA LSP-2942
Something Special for Movie Lovers RCA LSP-3342
Tribute to Hank Williams RCA LSP-3516
Soundaroundus RCA LSP-3599
Broadway Soundaroundus RCA LSP-3689
24 Pieces of Gold RCA VPS-6012
Morton Gould and His Orchestra
Jungle Drums, 1957 RCA LM-1994
Latin, Lush And Lovely, RCA LSC-2752

Bernie Green and his Orchestra
Bernie Green Plays More Than You Can Stand in Hi-Fi, 1957 SF/Barbary Coast M33015.
Danny Guglielmi
Adventure in Sound,
Jimmie Haskel And His Orchestra
Countdown In Stereo
Frank Hunter
White Goddess,
The Electro-Sonic Orchestra Conducted by Dick Jacobs
Presenting a New Concept in Sound, 1958 Coral Stereo CRL 757381.
The Stanley-Johnson Orchestra
Have Harp Can't Travel, Liberty
Thurston Knudson
Primitive Percussion, African Jungle Drums, Reprise R6-5001
Enoch Light -- see the Command Label Discography

Arthur Lyman Group
(Thanks to Dean. Additional Research by Ashely at Scamp Records)
All on Hi-Fi Records:

Leis Of Jazz, R607
Taboo R806
Hawaiian Sunset, R807
Bwana A, R808
Legend of Pele, R813
Bahia, R815
On Broadway, R818
Taboo Vol 2, R822
Yellow Bird, R1004
Colorful Percussion, R1005
Many Moods, R1007
Love for Sale, R1009
Cotton Fields R1010
Blowin' In The Wind R 1014
Mele Kalikimaka (Merry Christmas) L1018
Enchantment, R1023
Midnight Sun, R1024
Hawaiian Sunset Vol. 2 L1025
Polynesia L1027
Ilikai, 1035
Exotic Sounds Of... GNP 605
Paradise GNP 606
Exotic Sounds of...A. L. at the Crescendo, Vocalion (UK) VA8015
Lyman '66
Love for Sale single reached number 43 in 1961. Everest Records Hi-Fi 5066
Yellow Bird, single reached number 4 in 1961. Everest Records Hi-Fi 5024

Richard Marino Orchestra
Out of This World,

The Markko Polo Adventurers
Orienta, 1958. RCA

Skip Martin
Perspectives in Percussion, 19??
Scheherajazz, 19?? Somerset

Ray Martin
The Sound Of Sight - Music For An Experiment In Imagination Decca 1964 PFS 4043

Billy May
Music for Uptight Guys 19??

The Melanchrino Orchestra
Music For Reading, RCA LPM-1002
Music For Dining, RCA LPM-1000
Music To Work Or Study By, RCA LPM-1029
More Music For Relaxation, RCA LSP-2278
Music For Relaxation, RCA LPM-1001
Music From "Bells Are Ringing", RCA LSP-2279
The Music Of Sigmund Romberg, RCA LSP-2106
Rendezvous In Rome, RCA LSP-1955
Strauss Waltzes, RCA LSP-1757
Under Western Skies, RCA LSP-1676

Jerry Murad's Harmonicats
The Cat's Meow, Mercury

Billy Mure, his Guitar and Orchestra Billy Mure
Hawaiian Percussion, 1959
Super-Sonic Guitars in Hi-Fi, 19?? RCS LPM-1536
Pink Hawaii, Strand Records SL 1070

Andre Popp
Popp 1957
Presenting Popp!, 19?? Columbia WL130
Delirium In Hi-Fi Col WL 106 1956
Currently on CD: Le Musique Qui Fait Popp, available from WFMU Catalog of Curiosities
Jean-Jacques Perrey (and Gershon Kingsley) research by Desmond K. Hill
Prelude to Sleep (France) 1957, 7" 45rpm
Soul of a Poet (France) with Charles Trenet & Django Reinhardt, 7" 45rpm
Mister Ondioline (France) 1960, Pacific ref. 90.338 B Med, double 7" 45rpm set
Sound for Insomniacs (France) 1964.
The Happy Moog (US) with Harry Breuer, Pickwick SPC-3160
The In Sound From Way Out (US) 1966, Vanguard VS-79222
Kaleidoscopic Vibrations: Spotlight on the Moog (US) 1967, Vanguard VSD-79264
The Amazing New Electronic Pop Sound of Jean-Jacques Perrey (US) 1967, Vanguard VSD-79286
Moog Indigo (US) 1970, Vanguard VSD-6549
Dynamoog (US) CREA Sound Ltd, Canada 46.532
Moog Sensations (France) Montparnasse 2000 MP-25
Moog Expressions (France) Montparnasse 2000 MP-26
Moog Vibrations (France) Montparnasse 2000 MP-27
Moog Mig Mag Moog (France) Montparnasse 2000 MP-35
Moog is Moog (France) Montparnasse 2000 MP-106
Kartoonery (France) Montparnasse 2000 MP-131

Perez "Prez" Prado and his Orchestra
Mambo Mania, 1955 RCA LPM-1075
Havana, 3 a.m., RCA LPM-1257
Latin Satin, RCA LPM-1459
Many Prado recordings are available on CD.

Franck Pourcel and his French Strings
La Femme (Les Baxter), Capitol T10015

Sid Ramin and Orchestra
New Thresholds in Sound, 196? RCA LSP-2658.

Henri Rene and His Orchestra
Music for the Weaker Sex, 195? RCA LPM-1583
Compulsion to Swing, 1958 RCA LPM-1947
Riot in Rhythm, 1958 RCA LPLM-2002
Dynamic Dimensions, RCA LSA-2396
White Heat, Imperial LP 9074
The Swinging 59, Imperial LP 9096
They're Playing Our Song, 19?? Decca DL-74574

Harry Revel
Music Out of the Moon, 1947 Capitol
Music for Peace of Mind, Capitol H-221.

Nelson Riddle and his Orchestra
Theme from Route 66, single reached number 30, 1962. Capitol 4741.

David Rose David Rose
Concert with a Beat!, 19?? MGM E3852
In a Mellow Mood, 1957 Masterseal MS-1
HI FIddles, MGM E3481
MORE! MORE! MORE!, 1962 MGM 4099
The Magic Melodies of David Rose, Lion L70109
Dick Schory
Researched and compiled by Mark Koldys 1995.

Re-Percussion, ConcertDisc CS-21; reissued by Everest, 5232 (mono)/1232(stereo). Crocodile Crawl, Cymbalation, Pentatonic Clock, Moonlight Reflection, That's a Plenty, Cloud Nine, Woodpile Polka, Omoo, Amazon Tributary, Josephina de Granada
Music for Bang, Baa-rOOM, and Harp, RCA LSP-1866. Includes National Emblem, Way Down Yonder in New Orleans, Ding Dong Polka, April in Paris, September in the Rain, Tiddley Winks, The Sheik of Araby, more.
Music to Break Any Mood, RCA LSP-2125. Includes Caravan, Speak Low, Walkin' My Baby Back Home, Fascinating Rhythm, A Foggy Day, Autumn in New York, I'll Remember April, Stranger in Paradise, South Rampart Street Parade, Tortilla, more
Wild Percussion and Horns A'Plenty, RCA LSP-2289. Includes Lullaby of Broadway, The Peanut Vendor, Chimed I'm Sure, Beyond the Sea, Serena, The Continental, Till There Was You, Misirlou, The Thunderer, My Funny Valentine, Dancing on the Ceiling, Stumbling
Runnin' Wild, RCA LSA-2306. Includes Brass Jockeys, Me and My Shadow, Mama's Gone Goodbye, But Not for Me, Love for Sale, Lazy Bones, Bully, Greensleeves, Thou Swell, Down Home Rag, Portrait in Jazz, Runnin' Wild
Stereo Action Goes Broadway, RCA LSA-2382. Includes Heat Wave, 76 Trombones, Keep-A-Hoppin', Bali Ha'i, It's Legitimate, Slaughter on 10th Avenue, Hernando's Hideaway, I Got Rhythm, Camelot, Show Me, The Sound of Music, El Sombrero
Holiday for Percussion, RCA LSA-2485. Includes El Cumbanchero, Tiger Rag, Colero Diablo, Can-Can, Ruby, Chinatown My Chinatown, Holiday for Percussion, 12th Street Rag, Ain't Misbehavin', Parade of the Wooden Soldiers, Stop Time Cha Cha, more
Supercussion, RCA LSP-2613. Includes Hindustan, Bijou, Perfido, Autumn Leaves, Krazy Kwilt, Nomad, Stompin' at the Savoy, Take the 2A2 Train, String of Pearls, Shimboo, On Green Dolphin Street, String of Pearls, The Brush Off
Politely Percussive, RCA LSP-2738. Includes I Get a Kick Out of You, Baby Bossa Nova, Summertime, Satin Doll, Lover, Shim-Wha, Quiet Bossa Nova, Sleepy Time Gal, Little Brown Jug, Night Train, Playboy's Theme, Baubles Bangles and Beads
On Tour, RCA LSP-2806. Includes Baby Elephant Walk, Wanderin' Fifer, William Told, St. Louis Blues, Londonderry Air, Sing Sing Sing, South Rampart Street Parade, Bidin' My Time, On Top of Old Smokey, Charade, Bleep Blop Bloop, Orinco
Happy Hits, RCA LSP-2926. Includes Java, If I Had a Hammer, Ebb Tide, Come Bach with Me, Wives and Lovers, The Pink Panther, Hello Dolly!, From Russia with Love, People, Boinggg!, Love with the Proper Stranger, Don't Let the Rain Come Down
Roar of the Greasepaint, RCA LSP-3394. Where Would You Be Without Me?, The Beautiful Land, My First Love Song, Look at that Face, My Way, Feeling Good, The Joker, This Dream, A Wonderful Day Like Today, Who Can I Turn To?, more
Movin' On, 1969 Ovation OV-1403. Includes Classical Drag, Jungle Root, Song for a Small Boy, The Bad Guys, Aquarius, In the Mode, Promises, Promises, Melody for Melinda, Quiet Places, Leo
Raymond Scott and his Orchestra
This Time With Strings, 19??
Terry Snyder
Mr. Percussion (also known as Unique Percussion), 1961 United Artists 8500
Gentle Purr-cussion, United Artists
Bob Thompson
The Sound of Speed, Dot DLP 3123
Just for Kicks, RCA LPM-2027
Mmm Nice!, 1960 RCA LSP-2117
On the Rocks, RCA LSP-2145
Wildcat, 1961 RCA LSP-2357
The Three Suns
The dates of most these releases are unknown, so the order is pure guesswork.
Researched and compiled by Konstantinos Stratigos and Michael Toth.
The Three Suns Play... Varsity 69108 (10" w/ "Twilight Time" + 7 more)
The Three Suns Serenade RCA EPA-241 (45)
The Three Suns Present Your Christmas Favorites RCA EPA-250 (45); P-250
(78); LPM-52 (33.3)
Raggin' the Scales RCA EPA-278 (45)
The Three Suns Present Your Favorite Hymns RCA EPA-285 (45)
The Three Suns in Three-Quarter Time 1951 RCA EPA-313 (45^); LPM-3 (33.3)
(with Larry Green)
Cocktail Hour (with vocals! - thanks to B. Coffee) (1952) Royale #1443
Busy Fingers (2 45's) EPB3040
Soft and Sweet 1955 RCA LPM1041 (w/string orchestra, arranger unknown)
Hands Across the Table 1952 RCA EPA-330 (45^); LPM-28 (33.3)
Twilight Moods RCA EPB-3012 (45); P-349 (78); LPM-3012 (33.3)
The Three Suns Present Pop Concert Favorites Vol. I RCA EPA-292 (45); Vol. II
RCA EPA-400 (45); both available on LPM-3113 (33.3)
Three Suns Moods EPA-414 (45)
Three Suns Party EPA-442 (45)
The Three Suns Present RCA EPB-3034 (45); LPM-3034 (33.3)
Busy Fingers RCA EPB-3040 (45); LMP-3040 (33.3)
Three Suns Christmas Party RCA EPB-3056 (45); LPM-3056 (33.3)
Slumbertime RCA EPB-3075 (45); LPM-3075 (33.3)
Twighlight Time RCA LPM1171
My Reverie 1956 RCA LPM-1173
Slumbertime 1956 RCA LPM1219
High Fi and Wide 1956 RCA LPM1249 (w/orchestra arranged by Marty Gold and Sid Ramin)
Easy Listening 1956 RCA LPM1316 (w/orchestra arranged by Marty Gold and Sid Ramin)
Malaguena 1956 RCA EPA-783 (45)
Midnight for Two 1957 RCA LPM1333 (w/ Ray Bohr on pipe organ)
The Things I love in Hi Fi 1957 RCA LPM1543 (w/Alfredo Mendez on pipe organ)
Sweet and Lovely 1957? VICTOR LS-5013 (Japan)
The Three Suns in Hi-Fi 1958? VICTOR LS-5066 (Japan)
Here Come the Suns 1958? VICTOR LS-5083 (Japan)
"Petite Papillon"/"The Woodpecker Song" VICTOR SS-1011 (Japanese 45)
"You and Alone"/"Tell Me You're Mine" VICTOR SS-1012 (Japanese 45)
At the Candlelight Cafe RCA Camden CAL-513
Continental Affair RCA Camden CAL-573
Let's Dance with The Three Suns 1958 RCA LPM1578
Love in the Afternoon 1959 RCA LPM1669
Having a Ball with The Three Suns 1958 RCA LPM 1734
Swingin' on a Star 1959 RCA LPM1964 (w/King Curtis on saxophone)
The Happy-Go-Lucky Sound 1958 (compilation on RCA/Camden)
A Ding Dong Dandy Xmas 1959 RCA LPM2054
The Sound of Christmas 195? RCA Camden CAL-633 w/ Marty Gold & Sid Ramin
Twilight Memories 1960 RCA LSP2120 (compilation)
The Three Suns on a Magic Carpet RCA LSP2235
Dancing on a Cloud 1961 RCA LSP2307
Fever and Smoke RCA LSP2310
Fun in the Sun RCA LSP2437
In Orbit 195? Rondo 9756 (budget comp of presumably pre-RCA songs)
In Orbit 195? Golden Tone 4094 (contents same as above but with 12 repeated
orange and brown sun-face drawings on cover)
The Three Suns Rondo-Lette 844 (another budget comp; 40% content overlap w/
In Orbit)
Movin' n' Groovin' 1962 RCA LSA2532 (Stereo Action Series)
Warm and Tender 1962 RCA LSP2617
Everything Under the Sun RCA LSP2715
One Enchanted Evening 1962 RCA LPM2904
A Swingin' Thing 1964 RCA LSP2963
The Sound of Christmas 1964 RCA Camden CAS-633(e) (re-release
"electronincally reprocessed for public demand")
The Three Suns: 1949-1967 Circle CLP-75
Twilight Time 196? Sears SPS-437 (budget compiliation electronically enhanced
for stereo in "Sears Authentiphonic True Dimensional Sound")
16 Greatest Hits, Musicor MS3090

Special Discographies

RCA Stereo Action Series (a tip o' the hat to Brother Cleve)
Dynamica - Ray Martin, Feb 1961 LSA-2287
It's Magic - Marty Gold, Feb 1961 LSA-2290
Runnin' Wild - Dick Schory, March 1961 LSA-2306
The Music Goes 'Round - Leo Addeo, March 1961 LSA-2353
Sounds Terrific! - Ted Textor (orchestra and chorus) LSA-2365
Crazy Rhythm - Guitars Unlimited + 7,July 1961 LSA-2371
Futura - Bernie Green, July 1961 LSA-2376
Stereo Action Goes Hollywood - Marty Gold, September 1961 LSA-2381
Stereo Action Goes Broadway - Dick Schory, September 1961 LSA-2382
Paradise Regained - Leo Addeo, November 1961 LSA-2414
Excitement, Incorporated - Ray Martin LSA-2422
Sounds Sensational! - Keith Texor LSA-2425
More Double Exposure - Manny Albam - LSA 2432
Dynamic Dimensions - Henri Rene, November 1961 LSA-2396
Stereo Action Unlimited - various artists, December 1961 LSA-2489
Latin-Esque - Esquivel, March 1962 LSA-2418
Holiday for Percussion - Dick Schory, March 1962 LSA-2485
I Had the Craziest Dream - Manny Albam - LSA-2508
Movin' & Groovin' - Three Suns, June 1962 LSA-2532

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